Driving Lessons​


Driving Lessons​

Manual cars aren’t for everyone, especially in busy cities where shift gears and clutch control are essential. When you don’t have to use the clutch pedal, it makes driving much easier, allowing you to concentrate on driving safely. With Driveline instructors, you can learn automatic driving as soon as possible.

Our driving instructor training program is designed to meet the following needs:

Through targeted and controlled simulations, virtual reality training accelerates learning by 15% and increases retention by 90%

An open-ended approach

The program enables you to learn, practice, and improve your skills while balancing your other daily commitments, allowing you to complete all your training within three months

Providing low-cost services

Being an instructor is now more affordable and accessible than ever before, with this training costing just £1,249 (with several payment options available).

A unique opportunity

There is no other provider in the industry that offers VR training for driving instructors. With a mix of in-car training and e-learning, this course is designed specifically around your needs.

A safe environment

As a result of the safe and controlled environment in which VR training is conducted, trainees are able to explore scenarios and styles in a safe and controlled manner.