Driving Lessons​


Driving Lessons​

Lesson block booking

Book bulk lessons with us to get learning quick, and you’ll also save. This also means you’ll progress quickly through the key driving skills.

How does an intensive driving course work?

If you want to get your license as fast as possible, you can take intensive driving lessons. You can expect to spend between two and five hours each day. It’s not uncommon for people to be scared of moving from absolute beginners to driving qualified within two weeks.

It's understandable that people want to get on the road quickly, but training our pupils safely and comprehensively cannot be sacrificed. That's why at Driveline, we don't offer a 'crash course' in learning to drive. Our driving lessons are tailored to a pupil's needs. Even if it's lightning, we don't recommend a pupil take a practical test before we're sure they're ready. It doesn't mean you can't pass fast, in fact at Driveline we love to see you pass the first time.

Do you think you'll pass your test this fast?

Although we don’t doubt the possibility of someone taking a 2-week course and passing their test, we’re sceptical that it will give them a comprehensive foundation for driving safely and competently for life.

Is it possible to get my driver's license soon?

The number of lessons or hours you practice isn’t a requirement when you apply for your practical test. All you need is a provisional license and a passing driving theory test. While this suggests that an intensive driving course might seem viable, we all know practice makes perfect.

What's the fastest way to get my license when my instructor thinks I'm ready?

You might have to wait a while to get a test slot for those in a hurry since test centers are usually booked months in advance. Even if you take intensive driving lessons, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a test right away – so make sure you factor this in.

How do crash course lessons work?

Intensive driving and crash course driving are the same. Clearly crash courses have their own unfortunate connotations, but in practice, they’re the same. It’s like trying to revise all your stuff the night before an exam – hoping you’ll remember enough to get through, but not knowing it very well.

Is the course guaranteed to make me pass?

If anything says it’s guaranteed, take it with a grain of salt. Just like other learner drivers, intensive learners must pass their practical test. If they accumulate too many faults, they will be failed, and if they accumulate major or dangerous faults, they will fail immediately. It is possible for you to pass or fail the driving test based on how you perform on the day. You will get at least a portion of your money back if you don’t succeed.

What can I do to get my license quickly?

Others learn to drive right away and others take a short driving lesson bundle, usually done in two-hour sessions, and then talk to your instructor about how many more they’ll need. Even if that’s all it takes, remember that the average person needs 45 hours to pass.