Test lessons

Why should I take Mock Driving Lessons?

The structure of Mock Driving Lessons is as follows:

Comprehending the evaluation criteria for the driving test

Setting the initial evaluation benchmark

Analysis of faults and how to correct them

The driving demonstrations exhibit various maneuvers to illustrate how tasks should be performed

A practical approach to test preparation.

Videos and explanations of test routes

Dublin's highly sought-after pre-test package, renowned as the city's most popular choice.

It is common for first-time drivers to fail their driving tests in areas like

Failure to promptly and appropriately address hazards

Entering at junctions without paying attention

Lacking the ability to foresee the actions of fellow road users and accurately assess gaps or distance

Using foot controls poorly

Incorrectly positioning the vehicle at roundabouts and junctions

Controlling the car while observing the reverse/turnabout manoeuvre is impossible.

Extensive Training encompasses all of the aforementioned aspects and offers a well-defined program aimed at consistently achieving a balanced and controlled demonstration of technique and skill during the driving test. By following this program, you can instill confidence and comfort in the testers, assuring them that you are adequately prepared to obtain a full driver's license in Dublin. Recognizing the enhanced driving skills and improved driver awareness it fosters, some government agencies, non-profits, and educational institutions have initiated similar courses to Extensive Training. No other post-EDT pre-test course provides such comprehensive coverage. Thanks to Extensive Training, our EDT students pass their EDT tests on their initial attempt, saving both time and money. This course focuses exclusively on passing the driving test, leaving you with no uncertainty regarding the required actions.

If you collaborate with us tirelessly and persistently, you will achieve it.

Understanding the tester’s communication style, thought process, preferences for specific maneuvers like reversing around the corner and turning around, their perspective on the world, and the correct way to interpret the marking sheet is crucial. We provide detailed explanations in all these aspects. Additionally, you can utilize our online video resources that focus on addressing your weaknesses in areas such as left turns and positioning. Our techniques will equip you with the ability to perform advanced scanning, enabling you to anticipate upcoming events and make appropriate decisions during the test.